Street Spirit Graffiti Mag. Issue 1

Street Spirit Magazine is born of the intention to document on paper the graffiti scene both locally and worldwide, from the most classic to the freshest styles.
Our intention is to keep alive the spirit of "do it yourself" of the graffiti movement, claiming the fanzine printed format as physical, enduring, and alternative internet support.
The editorial team is made up of writers who started with the graffiti culture in the early 90s and still active today. Perhaps the new generations don´t value it in the same way but we grew up reading and doing fanzines: it was the way we learn, communicate and know what was happening in other cities before the Internet era. Nowadays there is more access to information but also it is consumed much faster, so we like the paper format, because it´s durable. 
In the last two decades the graffiti has evolved and mutated, both in styles and forms as supports; our goal is to collect, select and display the different aspects that are being made now by some of the artists that seem most interesting.

In this first issue we feature an interview the versatile writer from Madrid Spok, with several anecdotes of his travels. Scandinavian files: a selection of panels of different systems in northern Europe. Unpublished stuff from the tireless Vino Tsk/Vlok with artworks on trains from the old continent and Brazil. From Mexico City comes the young Smithe showing his skills on large format walls; psychedelic illustration on rhythm of synthesizer. In the cover photo we see a piece of Goal and some children from the street, along with other photos and writers making up the special "Subte  Buenos Aires" which portrays an unforgettable time of the oldest subway in Latin America.
Trucks, shutters, rooftops, artworks in boulevards are shaping  Paris Streets section. As well photos of Pantone , Juanma & Paco and a large section with walls and trains of Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, Italy and the rest of the world.

 Street Spirit Team.