Street Spirit Graffiti Mag. Issue 2

Welcome back!

First of all, we would like to thank all those who have trusted, collaborated, supported, acquired and criticized our Street Spirit Mag project. Thank you to everyone and to all of you. It has been a pleasure to see the good reception that has had both locally and globally. The effort we made to get the first number to the street has been totally compensated. This has led us to go ahead and work on this new issue. Without all of you, we would not be able to see the new number presented here. Thank you all!

In this second issue we bring you the Timeline of one of the graffiti pioneers in Europe, Egs from Helsinki. A selection of pieces from the early 90’s to the present, photos from different parts of the world, trains, spots in crazy places and its original and authentic style that combines the experience of almost three decades dedicated to graffiti! Without doubt one of the masters of the European style who's still active as the early years!

Jukebox Cowboys are a group of friends from Hamburg who basically got together to have fun. Music, Alcohol and Graffiti. A good mix that knows how to handle these Sexy Cowboys in the middle of the night, and here we can show it with the Special section that we have prepared. 

From Berlin, the writer Kold 125 briefly explains how the writer scene was a few years ago in the German capital; " But sometimes you still feel the New York 70's spirit coming up, when you just head through the city and see painted cars running."

The Austrian based in Berlin Riot 1394 brings us a selection of his latest works with his peculiar style in which he mixes comic, horror illustration and graffiti, obtaining a unique and terrifying result. Creepy Graff, out of the darkest and deepest crypt. Riot is about to publish his second book. Stay tuned.  

From the other side of the planet we present you to Ques from Mexico and Gordo Pelota  from Argentina. Two very different and totally fresh styles of these two writers coming from Latin America.

A good selection of walls, trains and different systems, both from established writers and from new promises in the global scene.

Finally, we wanted to dedicate a space to little Julione. A very young promise that is struggling very hard to get ahead with a health problem but that will not stop you from growing to become a great writer. Many moods Julito.

Thanks​ to all those who have shown their support by dedicating pieces, sketches or simply showing your affection or donating. 

Thank you all. #siemprefuerte #donamedula #donavida.