Street Spirit Graffiti Mag. Issue 3

Welcome back!

The number 3 is here. We return with a new issue full of fresh and powerful styles, from Barcelona to New York through Paris, Germany or Mexico City. We are very grateful to all the writers who have supported us and who keep alive the spirit of the fanzines and graffiti magazines made by the people of our culture. This experience has allowed us to meet and make friends in all corners of the planet.
Thank you all!

We began the year 2018 lamenting the loss of one of the most representative muralists in Barcelona, ​​Guillem Vias, aka. Treze. He fought against his illness for several years, had great strength and energy to continue working until the last minute, leaving us surprised with each of his works. We want to pay tribute and share a small collection of his extensive work.

Another great artist who left us in the last year was Saeio, the "Mega Wizard". Based in Paris, he was one of the youngest members of the PAL crew (Peace and Love). You can see his pieces alive in the shutters, rooftops and walls of the capital. His personal "hand style" influenced a whole generation and stunned the most orthodox. The deconstruction of Saeio's graffiti went beyond the canons established so far, moving closer to contemporary painting, experimenting in each of his works, innovating and exploring until the end.
Rest in paradise masters!

Preserving the memory of those who are no longer there but also of those who remain here, Team Vapor Trails bring us a selection of their best walls, full of resamplers of style and color, since the 90's. This group of friends from different parts of Germany, often come together to perform great works that leave no one indifferent. You can check it yourself in the special of this number.

In this third delivery we bring back "The Interview", this time by the hand of Yowin, a graffiti activist who since the early 90's has left his mark on trains, subways, bombing and rap music.

Xena and Ovas are Tropical Warriors, a couple of unstoppable writers who dominate all types of surfaces and spots, leaving them resplendent with that mix of classic New York style and the freshness of the Mediterranean flavour.

Special commuters Barcelona with Yokos member of the emblematic TSK Crew and one of the most active train writers of the moment.

We present in exclusive a lot of unpublished stuff of the three of New York, Jabato, Tate and Orus, and their adventures in the big apple.

It is difficult to include in every new edition all the material that we would like to publish, although we hope you enjoy the varied selection of walls and trains from here and there. Just documenting this contemporary phenomenon!

Thank you all!

Street Spirit Team.